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April 26, 2016, the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions announced the Shanghai was "Labor Award", "May 1 Labor Medal" and "Pioneer Workers"

  April 26, 2016, the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions announced the Shanghai was "Labor Award", "May 1 Labor Medal" and "Pioneer Workers" units and individuals, and the production team. Shanghai Xing Ling drug extraction plant science and technology Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xing Ling extraction plant) list, won the "2016 Shanghai Pioneer Workers" title.

  Xing Ling extraction plant is a national second-class drug, "Ginkgo Biloba (APIs)," the production sector. By 2015, the Xing Ling extraction plant participated in the drug group "striving to be the main force, Jiangong new medicine" in line with labor competition, and competition for the carrier to further promote cost efficiency and Lean Six Sigma projects, and achieved outstanding results:

  Ginkgo Biloba annual production of 13.6 tons, production increased by 10.1%;

  Annual product qualification rate and market sampling qualified rate of 100%;

  No annual production safety accidents;

  To "improve Ginkgo Biloba product yield" for the project, to carry out Lean Six Sigma projects to improve the yield, the annual income 1.98 million yuan;

  Multi-channel cost efficiency and reduce annual consumption of 186.88 tons of ethanol, cyclohexane consumed 14.1 tons, saving 153.6 million yuan; batch work representing a decrease of 18.4%.

  Xing Ling medicine strong culture of innovation, continuous learning help Yan style team building success.

  Touyan fly, demonstration model - shop responsible person Emily Chu comrades participate in the "vacuum system ethanol recovery" and "one kind decolorized extraction equipment" and two utility model patents in the first half of 2015 authorized; "vacuum system ethanol recovery means "in October 2015 is eligible for the Pharmaceutical Group union awarded the" my job I innovation "continuous improvement proposals excellence Award, energy chemical systems outstanding workers technological innovation" award in January 2016, the Pharmaceutical Group granted Emily Chu Comrade " 2015 annual advanced individual title. "

  Young geese wings, combat experience - Comrade Wang Jinfeng workshop supervisor is Lean Six Sigma projects as "Ginkgo Biloba to improve product yield," the head of the Green Belt, project implementation, led the team through a lot of testing and data analysis, to find the "three key points "and" two quick win ", effectively improve product yield, up 9.09% upgrade. April 29, 2016, the Qingpu Industrial Park League awarded Comrade Wang Jinfeng "Young Pioneer" title.

  Geese flying, the pursuit of excellence - workshop staff to take part in trade union organizations "job innovation, enterprise Chuangxiao, personal excellence," the rationalization proposals and pragmatic practice the core values, and further enhance the cohesion of the team is also a strong impetus has improved performance around cost efficiency, Lean Six Sigma, production safety, put forward 37 recommendations to rationalize quality management, corporate culture and other aspects. According to "improve the settlement process of the supernatant of action" proposed by Comrade Yu Zhengrong, Comrade Yang Xiaowei's "adjusted income powder spray-drying step interval" and two recommendations, the company promptly revised standard operating procedures, after the implementation of efficiency significantly.

  January 2016, the Pharmaceutical Group awarded extraction plant "2015 Year Team Award."

  Xing Ling medicine around the new three-year development plan, Xing Ling people toward the grand goal of "poly-condensate heart Chi is committed to innovation breakthrough ambition to lead the Tigers keto ester era" in the way of innovation and development, adhere to the historical heritage of Chinese culture and unified modern innovation, interpretation of the craftsman's spirit!